A Few Items From the “Victory Museum” of the Great Patriotic War


The Museum of the Great Patriotic War is a history museum located in Moscow at Poklonnaya Gora. The building was designed by architect Anatoly Polyansky. Work on the museum began on March 3, 1986, and the museum was opened to the public on May 9, 1995. The museum features exhibits and memorials concerning World War II, known in Russia as “The Great Patriotic War”.The ceremony was attended by 55 official delegations from around the world. In the museum’s guestbook, US President Bill Clinton wrote: “The museum is a historical witness of war that cannot lie. The museum brings up new heroes who will become heirs to the glory and greatness of the country, an endless source of wisdom. The museum shows that great people have great people.”

The museum features 14,143 square meters of exhibit space for permanent collections and an additional 5,500 square meters for temporary exhibits. Near the entry to the museum is the Hall of Commanders, which features a decorative “Sword and Shield of Victory” and bronze busts of recipients of the Order of Victory, the highest military honor awarded by the Soviet Union.  made of valuable steel from Zlatoust craftsmen and inlaid with semi-precious stones of the Urals,




1)) Mosin Nagant Grenade launcher which was made to launch molotov bottles of other explosive substances short distances. Not standard Military Equipment but rather improvised, but, nevertheless, the firing range was up to eight hundred and fifty meters, and the steep trajectory made it possible to hit behind the enemy’s cover.




2) MG 15 – 7.92 mm German aircraft machine gun during the Second World War . Developed by Rheinmetall AG even before the war on the basis of the MG 30 light machine gun.

Developed in 1936 on the basis of the Swiss MG 30 light machine gun . Initially, the MG 30 had two options for ammunition – magazine and tape. However, at the Rheinmetall plant in Dusseldorf, they decided to produce two machine guns with different types of ammunition. MG.15 with magazine and MG.17 with tape ammunition, respectively. From 1936 to 1940, both machine guns were the main aviation armament of the Luftwaffe .




3) Tankers Equipment Including 88 and 122 mm shells, Clothing, Radio and part of shattered Machine gun Mantlet

4) Various Awards and Medals




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